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Offer: A rec list done to your prompt

I am offering: a rec set of fanworks to the prompt that you give. It will have at least four things in it and, judging from previous rec sets, may have as many as 8 or 15 or more. Your prompt can be as specific or as general as you like. (If I find it too restrictive or am otherwise having issues with it I'll let you know and we can take care of it somehow. If you'd like feedback or something with your prompt before you finalise it, that's fine too.) My recs comm is fish_recs if you'd like to get a better sense of things that I have recced in the past.

Fandoms: I read/listen/etc. things outside of these fandoms but these cover the majority of my fannish time.
  • Major fandoms (alphabetically): HP, Leverage, Merlin, Mythbusters, Psych, SGA, SPN, SPN RPF, Star Trek Reboot
  • Not-as-major fandoms (alphabetically): Bandom, Better Off Ted, Buffy/Angel-verse, Chuck, Doctor Who 'verse (incl. Torchwood), Firefly, folk tales, Smallville, Sports Night, White Collar, Vorkosigan 'verse, Wiseguy
  • Pro-fic: I am also willing to offer recs of pro-fic, either entire canons (e.g., shows, movies, books, book series) or specific episodes of a show or specific books from series. (In my book/TV readings I'm generally sci-fi/fantasy, if that helps.)

Timeline: You can give me the prompt however quickly or slowly you wish after the end of the auction. I will not likely have a quick turn-around time, but I absolutely promise that I will do this. Exactly how long will depend on how much rereading/hunting down fic/finding new fic/etc I have to do (plus on everything else which has an obligation on my time, sadly). FWIW, this would be my second highest priority rec list, right after my help_haiti rec list (but the person who won my offer there hasn't yet given me a prompt yet, so...).

Starting Bid: $1
Tags: offer: electronic only, offer: fannish, offer: rec list
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