mmohanraj (mmohanraj) wrote in con_or_bust,

OFFER: Lunch with Guest of Honor Mary Anne Mohanraj

Lunch at WisCon: Enjoy a private lunch at WisCon with me, at the local restaurant of your choice, my treat. (You pay for your own alcohol, though, should you choose to partake.) We can discuss whatever you like -- writing, publishing, erotica, polyamory, teaching, academia, kids, race/ethnicity, etc. and so on. It could be a focused topic, or just a free-range discussion. Bonus: If you like, my sweetie, Strange Horizons ( senior fiction editor Jed Hartman (, will join us. But that's entirely optional.

Oh, and you can bring a friend or more than one if you like; I'll just be paying for one person's meal, though! :-)

More about me:

Starting bid: $20
Tags: offer: lunch
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