mmohanraj (mmohanraj) wrote in con_or_bust,

OFFER: Handmade Curry Powder and Cookbook by Guest of Honor Mary Anne Mohanraj

Curry powder and cookbook, made by Guest of Honor Mary Anne Mohanraj (born in Sri Lanka): One large jar of Sri Lankan curry powder, freshly hand-roasted and ground by yours truly, accompanied by a signed copy of my Sri Lankan cookbook, A Taste of Serendib. I'll either bring them to WisCon or mail them to you, your choice.

The curry powder works great as an easy, mildly-spicy rub for roast or grilled meats, and of course, for cooking curries. It's traditionally used for meat or fish recipes, but I've successfully used it with seitan in the past, if you prefer vegetarian options. I think small cubes of baked tofu would work too.

More about me:

Starting bid: $25
Tags: offer: book, offer: cookbook, offer: curry powder, offer: food
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