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OFFER: Fiction or Creative Nonfiction Book Critique with Guest of Honor Mohanraj

I'm offering a close reading and 3-5 pages of typed response to your book-length creative work. (NOTE: Need not be finished yet, see below.) Or, if you prefer a verbal response to a typed one, I'm happy to do an hour of conversation about the book, by phone or Skype or in person (at WisCon or in Chicago). I'm willing to read a collection of short fiction, a novel (or novella), or a creative nonfiction work.

I'm experienced reading and critiquing in fantasy, dark fantasy, space opera, social science fiction, regular science fiction (if it's not super-techie), erotica, mainstream lit, historical, mystery, suspense, travel narratives, memoir, and YA. I read widely, and love work in all of those genres. I'm not terribly experienced in critiquing romance, but am willing to give it a shot; I do like some romance, such as Jennifer Cruisie's work. I know almost nothing about Westerns, spy novels, or thrillers, and gory horror gives me nightmares, so I'm probably not your best choice for those genres. Still, I'll take a stab if that's what you've got.

Credentials: I've been teaching fiction writing since 2001, and hold both an MFA and a Ph.D. in creative writing. I've taught creative writing at the Clarion workshop, the University of Utah, Vermont College, Roosevelt University, Northwestern University, the University of Ilinois, and the Asian American Writers Workshop. I'm the author or editor of ten books total, and have been published by Random House, Penguin, and HarperCollins, along with a host of small presses and magazines. Among the books I've edited is Aqua Erotica, which has published over 100,000 copies. Among the books I've written is Bodies in Motion, which has been translated into six languages.

Street value: Hard to say, but to take a semester long fiction class with me at UIC currently costs about $750 for in-state tuition, $1500 for out of state. That usually involves me critiquing two of your stories, but does of course also include some hours of craft lectures and time reading / jointly critiquing other students' stories.

More about me:

Manuscript due: Anytime between now and one year from now, so say March 1, 2011. And if win the bid, but you're only partway through and want to show me the first chapter or three and have a preliminary conversation about how the book is going and where it's heading, that's fine too. We can fold that in.

Minimum bid: $100
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