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Offer: Digital Painted Commission of characters of your choice

Up for bid, a digital commission of up to three characters. Happy to do fanfic characters, original folks, favorites from canon, whomever you would like.

I'm going to do a "ladder" bidding process, the higher it goes, the more detail I will put in (images after the cut to give you an idea). The winning bidder will receive their art via e-mail within two weeks of my getting the image information. I will send a copy large enough to do a 8.5 by 11 print, a "web ready" copy, and if you want any "icon" sizes just let me know.

I will send you progress pictures along the way to make sure I'm going in the right direction. Typically, I do three "revision e-mails" so feel free to tell me "Hey, I want Captain Mal hugging my OC, not Serenity!" so I can fix it.

Starting bid: $40

Feel free to click on the images to see to bigger versions of them.

For $40 You'll get something at this quality level. Cell shading, simple background.

For $75 You'll get more detailed shading and clothing and characters interacting with their environment (e.g. if your character is wrecking the town in a Mecha)

For $100 Very detailed shading and lighting, I'll make it as "real" as I possibly can.
Tags: offer: commission, offer: digital, offer: painting
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