Deepa D. (deepad) wrote in con_or_bust,
Deepa D.

Offer: Blog post written to spec

I am offering one three blog posts that the top three bidders can suggest the theme or subject for. This could be a commentary or a book or piece of media, a meditation about a concept or term in anti-oppression theories, a rec list, or something else you might want me to blather about.
I will try to make it at least 1,000 words long, and will work with you to make sure its something I can write about, and something you want to read about.

Starting Bid: $1.

Notes: Depending on what the topic is, it might take me a while to write the post; but I will have it up before Wiscon 2010. You can read my previous posts over here.
Tags: offer: blog post, offer: writing
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