Sophia (sophia_helix) wrote in con_or_bust,

OFFER: Set of 4 knitted cotton discloths

Item Name & Description: TWO sets of 4 knitted cotton dishcloths. Dishcloths will be made from Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn, and are machine-washable and get even softer over time when you dry them. Colors and patterns are available in abundance; winners should contact me after bidding ends to decide.

Dalek Dishcloth Little lace dishcloth

More of my previous dishcloths are here. (The Dalek cloth was made for last year's winner jonquil.)

Starting Bid: $10 (each)

Notes: I am offering two different sets of four; the top two bidders will each get a set. I do have a cat, and will check over the finished product for fur to the best of my abilities. Will ship worldwide within two months of payment.
Tags: offer: dishcloths, offer: knitted goods
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