Hand built by robots. (onceupon) wrote in con_or_bust,
Hand built by robots.

Auction: Spigot Cane

Item Name/Description: Steampunk Spigot Cane - Just imagine, your airship has crashed and you and your fellow adventurers are parched. With this walking stick handy, all you need is a likely spot - perhaps that little bit of depressed earth right over there. Plant your stick firmly, and open the spigot for a rush of clean, cool water.

This is a functional walking stick, for all of its whimsy. The shaft is 3/4" diameter solid oak, and the finial and spigot handle are both brass.

Starting Bid: $25

Auction Ending: Midnight, March 31, 2009

Notes: Fully functional and anatomically correct walking sticks require customization. I can make this to a standard height if you just want it for pretties but I can also accommodate height preference for this thing to be useful.

Tags: offer: cane, offer: custom-made, offer: steampunk
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