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Weber, By Heresies Distressed (ARC)

Item name/description: ARC of David Weber's By Heresies Distressed (July 2009)

Starting bid: $20.

Auction ending: 13 April 2009, 12 noon Eastern

Notes: All the books I'm about to list are donations from Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor, which I'm listing on his behalf since he's out of the country.

This one is an uncorrected advance reading copy of the new book in David Weber's Safehold series, which started with Off Armageddon Reef and By Schism Rent Asunder. It will be published in July 2009.

Here's the copy on the back of the ARC, since the book doesn't have a publisher or author web page yet:

The Kingdom of Charis and the Kingdom of Chisholm have joined together, pledged to stand against the tyranny of a corrupt Church. The youthful Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm has wed King Cayleb of Charis, forging a single dynasty, a single empire, dedicated to the defense of human freedom. She has found in Cayleb's arms the love she never hoped for in a "marriage of state"—and in Cayleb's cause, his defiance of the ruthless Group of Four who govern Mother Church, she has found the task to which she can commit herself, a cause worthy of her courage and genius.

Yet there are secrets Cayleb has not been permittd to share, even with her. Secrets like the true story of humanity on Safehold. Like the web of lies, deception, and fabricated "religion" that has chained humanity for almost a thousand years. Like the existence of the alien Gbaba, waiting to complete mankind's destruction should humans ever attract their attention once more. Like the existence of a young woman, Nimue Alban, nine hundred years dead, whose heart, mind, and memories live on within the android body of the warrior-monk she knows as Merlin. As so Empress Sharleyan faces the great challenge of her life unaware of all that task truly entails.

The battle for the soul of the planet Safehold has begun.

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